The first two questions I ask whenever I purchase a new book is, who is this guy and why should I listen to him? I expect skeptical readers to ask themselves the same thing—why should anyone listen to me. So let me answer these questions by sharing my background. I have a degree in Engineering, but I have an entrepreneur’s spirit. I have loved real estate since I was a kid. My parents were always involved in real estate, buying and selling homes and properties. My dad once explained to me, “There will be more people born on earth each year, but the same amount of land.”

That’s enough about me and you can know more about me through the book. Here is what I can do to help you:

Recently, I completed a successful loan modification on one of my rental homes, got a lower interest rate, increased my rental cash flow...and then I sold the house through owner financing for a large cash down-payment and a recurring monthly revenue stream. That’s the power of what I teach in this book. And there’s no reason you can’t do the same thing. I believe that anyone currently facing foreclosure can turn their situation around, not only to save their home, but to completely reverse their financial situation. But only if they are armed with the right knowledge... My education through both school and life experience never stops. And neither should yours.

The idea for this book was born out of my desire help more people with my extremely limited time so I put down everything I’ve learned about foreclosures, and a few things I invented myself, in one helpful source. I took course after course, spending thousands of dollars to learn this material from the best people in the Real Estate industry. I’ve applied the concepts for myself and help multiple homeowners along the way.

The purpose of this book is to equip you with little known secrets most homeowners will never use, because they are stuck thinking “inside the box.” I believe home owners should have, and should know, their options when they are in mortgage trouble. I have made lots of bonus material available on the website to give you some extra insights and ideas to consider as you take the next step in the foreclosure process.

I wish you all the bests!

Bao Tran


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*** I’ve seen many foreclosure books written only for investors. I believe the homeowners themselves deserve to know the truth about their situation. This book will help struggling homeowners understand their situation better and give them the knowledge they need to pick the right professional to work with. Read my true story on a successful loan modification for my rental property, and how I did it and how you can too. Get your free bonuses with the book. You ought to have to know the secrets.

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