FORECLOSURE is a dreadful term, especially for home owners who are struggling to keep their homes afloat. Over the last few years, there has been an exponential increase in foreclosure all over the US. More people are losing their homes than ever before. Now, foreclosure is not something that normal homeowners cannot avoid or deal with. The only trouble is that most people are unaware of what exactly a foreclosure is or how to counter any ill effects of wrong financial decisions. Poor credit, mortgage refinancing, investments and every factor plays a crucial role in how you would be able to rebuild your life without being pulled down by the banks and various financial institutions who would do anything but save you.

The Book On Foreclosures brings to you 9 secrets to save your home and credit. With an economy recovering at snail’s pace and not much optimism in sight, people really need to find out ways, tips and tricks of the trade to get over the financial doldrums quicker than they can naturally afford. The Book On Foreclosures does exactly that.

The Book On Foreclosures is not just aimed at investors but also common homeowners who require the resources to save money, invest it wisely and also the finer things that are essential to get over the striving phase to a better tomorrow. The book has 9 chapters, each chapter sharing a secret in a specific domain within the banking and financial industry. There is much more to foreclosure or mortgage than just the rate of interest, amount of mortgage, the number of years and refinancing options.

The 9 secrets, chapters, of The Book On Foreclosure discuss extensively about:

  • Loan modification and 10 keys on how to go about it without a lawyer.
  • Wrap Around Mortgage or Seller Financing and 3 reasons why that may prove to be fruitful.
  • Equity Sharing or Subject To Transactions and the alternative ways to save credit with these.
  • Short Sale – What it is, what the advantages are and why one should go for short sale by the end of 2012.
  • Deed in lieu, Foreclosure and REO
  • Bankruptcy – the myths, banks’ prerogatives and how it works and doesn’t in various cases.
  • How to choose the ideal professional consultant or the best company to deal with.
  • How to rebuild your credit and take charge of your financial health.
  • How to make wise investments and never fall in trouble with your mortgage ever again.

Reader's comments:

“This is the ultimate lay-persons guide to what to do in case of a foreclosure. The chapter on bankruptcy is absolutely invaluable. I wish every homeowner in America had this information at their disposal.”

Allan Hendrickson, JD. Oklahoma City, OK

“This book is simple but powerful. I had a chance to work with Bao using a successful technique in this book for one of my rental properties that was underwater. I strongly recommend that you read this book and get rid of your failing investment(s), as I did. If you want to invest the right way, the information from the last chapter will help you get ahead in your life and finances.”

Roger Tornga, Financial Controller, Tomball, Texas

“Bao does a fabulous job in explaining the many strategies homeowners can use when dealing with foreclosure. Unfortunately, many Americans today are struggling with properties that are “under water” and they don’t know who to turn to. Bao’s book explains that there are several options for homeowners facing this uphill battle, and it is explained in a very straight-forward and easily understood fashion. I recommend this book to anyone looking for alternative methods to foreclosure.”

Nathan Long, CEO of Quest IRA, Inc., Houston, Texas

“The information contained in this book is easy to read and understand. If I had read Bao's book before I bought investment properties, I would not have suffered the hardships of foreclosure. I strongly recommend that potential homeowners and start-up real estate investors immediately purchase The Book on Foreclosures.”

Joseph F. Brownholtz, Ph.D. Miami, Florida

“I have read and applied the information of owner finance in this book to sell my house. I had used several brokers to list the house for sale, but it didn’t get moved. It kept eating my retirement funds for more than two years until I met Bao and his book. Fortunately, he walked me through the steps and the house got sold quickly. I’m so happy that I can make a monthly cash-flow now instead of losing money month after month. This book is a must read if you own a non-sell-able house like me. The other chapters of the book have great information for all homeowners in general.”

Nina Nguyen, Retired, Houston, Texas

"After reading this book it is diffidently clear that Bao is honest, sincere, caring and extremely informed. This book is sanguine and truly a must read."

Darryl Bowers, Pharmacist, Tyler, Texas


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*** I’ve seen many foreclosure books written only for investors. I believe the homeowners themselves deserve to know the truth about their situation. This book will help struggling homeowners understand their situation better and give them the knowledge they need to pick the right professional to work with. Read my true story on a successful loan modification for my rental property, and how I did it and how you can too. Get your free bonuses with the book. You ought to have to know the secrets.

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